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  1. Participate! It’s easy. There are hundreds of wonderful and diverse areas of American History represented in this catalog. Quite literally, something for every collector. To be a success, we need to hear from you!
  2. Auction Bidding is a great way to add historic material to your collection at competitive levels. It’s fun and exciting to review the lots and prepare your bids against other dealers and collectors.
  3. Mail, Fax or Phone in your bids early. The Post Office may take over a week to reach us by First Class mail. Please mark all confirmation originals of “Faxed” or “Phoned” bids, as such and date done so at top. The first bid received wins any tie. Always double check your bid sheet to correct potential errors. You may phone to add and increase bids right up to our closing the sale. Official results will be announced on Tuesday following the closing, as all bids and final bid sheets are checked and verified on Monday.
  4. Bid with Confidence! Our catalog photographs are world class quality. They are of the actual items being sold, though the actual size may vary for illustrative reasons. We make a concerted, honest effort to present items accurately. Any descriptive errors must be brought to our attention and resolved within the 30 days from the Sale Date.
  5. Additional information and Lot previewing is available. Our catalog descriptions and opinions are as accurate as limited space will allow. We are happy to provide additional information over the phone or full size photocopies whenever possible. We strongly encourage personal inspection of lots.
  6. We want you to feel comfortable with your bids. Special Express Mail and Federal Express LOT INSPECTION may be arranged, if done well in advance of our sale date, to qualified bidders. Phone ASAP to confirm your special viewing requests! All we request is that you reimburse us for our postage and Express return the lots within 48 hours of receipt.
  7. A word about grading. We attempt to be extremely accurate supported with great photography. Grading is an art, not a science. The opinion of grade for a particular item can and will vary even among experts. They are the stated opinion of the cataloguer provided as a convenience to bidders and to assist in identifying lots which they may wish to examine themselves.
  8. About our estimates. The estimates provided in this catalogue are guides to the bidders. We have tried to make them as accurate as possible. Areas such as Historic Americana, Maps, Autographs, documents, etc., have conservative estimates which may, in certain instances, be a mere fraction of what certain retail dealers might ask for similar items. They are not intentionally low to allow us to claim “bragging privileges” as to how far over estimate we obtained, nor are they an attempt tolure the unwary into bidding more than market. While it is certain that some items will bring somewhat under estimate, it is equally certain that some items will sell for over estimate. We would expect that the total sales in this catalog will fall within 20%, one way or the other, of the total prices estimated.
  9. Be a Successful Bidder. Bid as much as you are willing to pay for the lot you are interested in. Remember, it is the person willing to make that “extra stretch” who will ultimately be the highest, winning bidder. Think of what your competitors might bid and try to beat them. Placing strong bids on a few items is usually far more successful than placing many weak ones, which will not be winners.
  10. You may place “Either Or Bids” or a “Limit Order” on your winnings. Just clearly instruct us what you wish to do right on your Bid Form.
  11. “Phone Backs” are available to clients bidding the High Estimate or greater on any lots.
  12. Participate as a Consignor. We are constantly accepting new quality material for our upcoming sales. Our commission rates are extremely competitive. It’s easy to consign. Once we have received your material we handle every detail. Phone either President-Dana Linett or Production Manager-John Ingle for more information or to review the items you may have for sale.