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Original Oil Painting Illustration Artwork "Paul Revere" by Lynd Ward for the Book Cover and Title Page of Esther Hoskins Forbes' 1946 Book Titled "America's Paul Revere"
c. 1946, Original Oil Painting on Board, Paul Revere Stands Ready to Ride, Illustration Artwork by Lynd Ward, together with a Softcover 1974 Edition of Esther Hoskins Forbes' Book "America's Paul Revere", Extremely Fine.
Original Hand-Painted Oil and Gesso on Artist Board, by artist Lynd Ward (1905-1985), Painting of Paul Revere, measures 18" x 15.75", unsigned, yet well widely known having been Published and used for both the Dust Jacket Cover Illustration, and Title Page Illustration of Esther Hoskins Forbes' historic book titled, "America's Paul Revere" published in 1946. Light edge expected wear, bright colors, and dramatic in design and details. Paul Revere is shown at center standing in his blue Colonial Overcoat holding a leather message bag and horse's reins in his left hand, his Tricorn Hat in his right. In the background stands the City while Revere awaits his signal to ride out into the countryside.

A unique, quite famous and important original piece of historic American Revolutionary War related Illustration Artwork. This original Illustration Artwork by Lynd Ward, together with Esther Hoskins Forbes' 1974 Edition Softcover Book "America's Paul Revere" is a unique group. The Artwork is ready for proper framing for display presentation. (2 items).
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #99859Price: $4,950.00Add to Cart
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