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George Washington Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher Major Design Style Without "The Seal of the United States"
c. 1795 Post Revolutionary War Federal Period, Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher, with Three American Patriotic Transfers Images of; George Washington within 15 Linked States; Without Any "Seal of the United States" plus (Glebe) Patriotic Poem. Choice Near Mint.
This Major Design Type has only two main large size Black Patriotic Transfers corresponding to Arman W.29 seen on page 202 of "Anglo-American Ceramics - Part I" by David Arman, and Arman L.23 on page 130 (also used for 4.14 in the "Size - Value" section, page 48); having absolutely No Transfer present under its spout. Likely produced by Herculaneum, this impressive decorative Pitcher measures 8" tall, having rich deep black transfers upon very clean surfaces, this Pitcher having apparently only been used for prior display.

Arman W.29 transfer shows a central large Portrait of President George Washington flanked by female Allegorical figures of "Liberty" and "Justice," while a Cherub hovers overhead holding a Wreath made of Stars with the name "Washington" within. A Heraldic Eagle, Liberty Cap on Pole, American Flag and the linked surrounding scroll with the names of Fifteen States complete the image.

Arman L.23 transfer on the other side has a highly ornate and decorative design titled "Independence" within the lower design, surrounding a (Glebe) Patriotic Poem for Generals Warren, Montgomery and Washington. An American Flag is at top left, a "LIBERTY" Cap upon a Pole with Laurel Wreath at center and a Patriotic Banner is at right.

This highly decorative Patriotic Liverpool Pitcher was produced and sold to the American market while President George Washington was still alive. Overall, a great Historic Liverpool Creamware Pitcher in exceptional "Museum" quality that is perfect for display.
Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Glass and Porcelain >>
Item #99490Price: $2,495.00Add to Cart
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