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c. 1790 Liverpool Creamware Mug With A "Surprise" Ceramic Hand-Painted "FROG" Inside!
c. 1790, Very Rare Trompe L'oeil Style Decorative Liverpool Creamware Mug, Masonic Transfers, With a Surprise... Ceramic Hand-Painted "FROG" Inside, "J. PHILLIPS & Co. Sunderland Potery.", Choice Extremely Fine.
Very rare in the mug Hand-Painted Ceramic FROG "Surprise" designed Liverpool Creamware Mug measures 4.75" tall x 3.5" at its base. It has a vivid black Masonic transfer showing a large Masonic Temple at center with various other typical Masonic symbols including; the Sun, Crescent Moon, All Seeing Eye, a Compass and much more. The Temple building is flanked on each side by tall columns topped with globes. On the left stands "Justice" holding her Scales and Sword. On the right stands "Knowledge" holding her Magnifying Glass. Under the building is the poem which reads:

"The world is in pain, Our secrets to gain, But still let them wonder agaze, They ne'er can devine, The word nor the sign Of a Free an Accepted MASON." Below the poem is, "J. PHILLIPS & Co. Sunderland Potery."

A special added "Surprise" inside this Mug is a 2.75" tall wonderful Hand-painted green and red Ceramic Frog looking upwards! There are no chips or detractions, in excellent quality. A great fun example, the first of this surprise FROG we have seen.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Federal Period >>
Item #98551Price: $1,195.00Add to Cart
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