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Decorative Zachary Taylor "Gen. Zach. Taylor. Old Rough and Ready The Hero of the War with Mexico" Snuff Box
GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR. Decorative Historic Bust Portrait Snuffbox, Choice Extremely Fine.
Zachary Taylor (November 24, 1784 - July 9, 1850) was the 12th President of the United States (1849-1850). Taylor was a historic American military leader who ran as a Whig in the 1848 Presidential election, defeating Lewis Cass. Taylor was the last President to hold Slaves while in office, and the last Whig to win a Presidential election.

This is an original round Commemorative Memorial Snuffbox, having a central Bust Portrait of a rather senior Zachary Taylor facing right in his civilain dresscoat printed in black, upon a bright golden-copper reflective background. It measures 3.5" in diameter and .75" high. The text surrounds the portrait reads, "GEN. ZACH. TAYLOR. - Old Rough and Ready - The Hero of the War with Mexico". There are some minor edge chips, deft conservation and actual honest wear. Overall, this is an attractive, museum quality snuff box that has a great image and is vastly superior to most encountered of this genre. Very rare.
Known as "Old Rough and Ready," Taylor had a forty-year military career in the United States Army, serving in the War of 1812, the Black Hawk War, and the Second Seminole War. He achieved fame leading American troops to victory in the Battle of Palo Alto and the Battle of Monterrey during the Mexican"American War. As president, Taylor angered many Southerners by taking a moderate stance on the issue of slavery. He urged settlers in New Mexico and California to bypass the territorial stage and draft constitutions for statehood, setting the stage for the Compromise of 1850. Taylor died just 16 months into his term, the third shortest tenure of any President. He is thought to have died of gastroenteritis. Only Presidents William Henry Harrison and James Garfield served less time.

Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Snuff Boxes >>
Item #98014Price: $3,250.00Add to Cart
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