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"Pilgrim" Related 1702 Early Colonial Design For A New Connecticut "Highway" with Mention of "John Moses" Mill
April 11, 1702-Dated "Pilgrim" Related Colonial Manuscript Document, Detailing the Layout Design for a New Highway, with Mention of "John Moses" Mill, (Hartford - Windsor / Simsbury, Connecticut), Very Fine.
This original, 1702 Manuscript Document appears to be a contemporary extra copy as multiple persons were involved and potentially affected by this New Highway route.

We have researched one major clue within the text, that being the mention of "John Moses Cyder (Cider) Mill." John Moses I was one of the earliest original settlers of Connecticut who was from Massachusetts, settling in the Windsor / Simsbury area (near Hartford), Connecticut. John Moses II (son of John Moses I and Joan), was born 1626 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, and died October 14, 1683 in Windsor, CT. He married Mary Brown on May 18, 1653 in Windsor, CT, the daughter of Peter Brown (born Abt. 1607, died date unknown). We therefore believe that this New Highway partially involved his family land and is mentioned in the text as a well known local landmark for two generations, as part of its intended location.

It is very well written in bold brown ink, upon the proper laid period paper, which measures about 12.25" x 7.5" having light folds and a very clean appearance. There are a few scattered trivial central fold line pinholes, yet is completely whole, solid and quite pleasing in appearance. It reads, in full:

"April 11th 1702 - on the E.side the River, & laid out a Highway of five Rods wide, beginning at a stone against Mr Sloan's House, so proceeded upon an oblique line, stak'd out several places untill we came against John Moses Senr. his Porch still continuing to lay out s[ai]d way in breadth of five rods, the N. side of said way was laid out about fifteen foot of Joseph Phelps new dwelling House & so to the s[ai]d Phelps fence that stands between s[ai]d Joseph & Moses Houses from thence measured John Moses sixteen feet, set down a stake & measured five rods out to Saml. Humphry's barn taking in some of Saml. Humphry yard & done by his s[ai]d Humphry consent then from the stake at s[ai]d Moses Porch proceded further & set down another stake on the Easterly side of that yard where s[ai]d Moses Cyder (sic) Mill stands, then measured from thence out the way five rods & set down a stake & stones, this was against the lott that was Elias Gittets, then proceded further toward John Tuller's corner of this House lott, & set down a stake against Andrew Hillyer's Barn on the Northerly side the way, & measured out for the way from s[ai]d stake five rods, then measured from Tuller's S. E. corner of this House lot to James Cornish's fence, etc., etc. - Book 2nd page 63 - (listing) John Moses - Joseph Phelps - Saml. Humphry - John Tuller - Andrew Hillyer"

It is noted at bottom left, "Book 2nd page 63" and Signed Clerically, recording the names, John Moses; Joseph Phelps; Saml. Humphrey; John Fuller and Andrew Hillyer, apparently as the land owners who's property would be affected by this new Highway.
Earliest Settlers of Windsor, Connecticut from Plymouth Colony. CHAPTER III.

John Moses (1st) of Windsor and Simsbury - Agency in incuring the first Indian deed of Simsbury covering 100 square miles. Purchase of a home in Windsor in l649. Marriage to Mary Brown. Mayflower descent of Peter Brown of Windsor, who had a sister and a daughter named Mary Brown. Services as soldier in the Imlian Wars. Declaration of membership in the Church of England, and of grievances under Puritan rule. Business operations in farms, lands, and mills at Windsor and Simsbury. Probate records relating to the estates of John Closes, his widow, and his sons.

Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #97277Price: $2,450.00Add to Cart
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