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BARTREM GALBRAITH Pay Order in Pennsylvania Currency Member PA Assembly / Continental Loan Office
c. 1777 Colonial to Revolutionary War Period, Partially-Printed Document, Un-engrossed Blank Official Pay Order Form specified in "Pennsylvania Currency," Choice Crisp Mint.
This rare personalized early Promissory Note Form blank is 1 page, measuring about 6" x 4", boldly printed in black typeset text on clean fine quality laid period paper. Text is sharply printed with significant traces of press text embossing remaining within the paper, attesting to its crisp originality. It reads, in full:

"Promise to pay, or cause to be paid, to BARTREM GALBRAITH, or his Order, the just and full sum of _____ Pennsylvania Currency, upon the ___ Day of _______ 17___ next ensuing the Date hereof, for Value received; as Witness my Hand and Seal, this ___ Day of _______ 17___ Witness Present."
Bartrem Galbraith served as an officer of a company of Rangers, formed for the protection of the frontier. From 1760 to 1775 he surveyed lands in Pennsylvania, and became a member of the Provincial Conference of June 18, 1776, and a member of the Constitutional Convention of July 15, 1776. During the same year he was electer Colonel of a Lancaster Battalion, and was on duty in New Jersey that year. He also became a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly, 1776-1777.

Galbraith held many repsonsible positions including; a commissioner to collect clothing for the Army; and to take subscriptions to the Continental Loan Office; met in New Haven, Ct. to regulate the prices of Commodities in the colonies and remained an officer of the Militia until peace was restored. Appointed State Surveyor in 1791, died in 1804.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #97148Price: $625.00Add to Cart
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