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1794 Official Print Act of the United States Third Congress
May 9, 1794-Dated, Official Congressional Printed Broadside pertaining to the Raising of Artillerists and Engineers, as Ordered by President George Washington, in Continuation of The Embargo Act, Choice Crisp Near Mint.
This original official Broadside is pertaining to the raising of artillerists and engineers, as ordered by President George Washington, May 9, 1794. It reads, in part:

"THIRD CONGRESS of the UNITED STATES: At the First Session held at the City of Philadelphia the second of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three. An ACT providing for the Raising and Organizing a Corps of Artillerists and Engineers that the number of seven hundred and sixty four shall be engaged for the term of three years by voluntary enlistments that the aforesaid commissioned and non-commissioned officers shall be incorporated with the corps of artillery now in service of the United States and that the entire number shall be nine hundred and ninety two that it be the duty of the Secretary of War, to provide the necessary books, instruments for the use of the said corps that the President of the United States shall cause the said corps to serve in the field, on the frontiers, or in the fortifications of the sea-coast".

This important and historic Act of Congress is Signed in Print at its conclusion by Frederick Muhlenberg, Speaker; John Adams, Vice-President and Approved by G. WASHINGTON, President of the United States.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Washington Related >>
Item #96633Price: $1,895.00Add to Cart
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