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Mass. 54th Black Unit - Confederate View of Fort Wagner
1892-Dated, First Edition, Imprint entitled, "DEFENCE OF BATTERY WAGNER, JULY 18, 1863," Augusta, Ga., by Col. Charles C. Jones; by Lt.Col. H. D. Twiggs and by Cpt. F. Edgeworth Eve., Very Fine.

This original, 9.75" x 6", 30 page, very scarce Booklet was produced for the 1892 United Confederate Veterans Reunion, for the Confederate Survivors Associations, held at Augusta, Ga.. It is written by Col. Charles C. Jones; Lt. Col. H. D. Twiggs and Cpt. F. Edgeworth Eve., original printed wrappers. The front and back wrappers are slightly chipped not affecting any printing. The interior is very clean and tight, only a few minor page tear repairs. It details the Civil War action at Fort Wagner, the reason it was built, its cannons and other arms, the defending Confederate forces and its goal to prevent the Union enemy from gaining the island and any movement by sea towards Fort Sumter and Charleston, plus the forces of the enemy that approached them.

The Federal heavy bombardment of the fort prior to the famous charge made on them by the famous Black Unit, the 54th Mass., which was lead by Colonel Shaw, of which the major movie "Glory" was based on this unit and their action at Fort Wagner. describes the slaughter of the Union troops as they charged the fortifications. The author also states that he had never seen such bravery among such carnage. The Black soldiers of the 54th Mass. and Colonel Shaw being killed, along with his officers and half of the men of the regiment. The speaker even names the Union Navy ships and Ironclads that were part of the bombardment, etc. This is an excellent narrative from the Confederate viewpoint.

Table of Contents >> Historical >> Black History >>
Item #94928Price: $595.00Add to Cart
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