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Pamphlet No. 17 of the Loyal Publication Society
May 1863, "THE CAUSE OF THE WAR: WHO BROUGHT IT ONE AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE?", A Speech by Col. Charles Anderson, U.S. Volunteers, Printed by the Loyal Publication Society, Bryant & Co., Printers, NY, Choice Very Fine.

No. 17 in a series of publications about the Civil War. This 16-page pamphlet measures 9" x 5.75" and features a crisp printed emblem of the Loyal Publication Society on the cover and a list of officers and a declaration of purpose on the inside pages.
"The objects of the Society are expressed in the following Resolution, formally adopted by the unanimous vote of the Society, at its first Meeting, 14 February 1863: Resolved, That the object of this organization is, and shall be confined to the distribution of Journals and Documents of unquestionable and unconditional loyalty throughout the United States, and particularly in the Armies now engaged in the suppression of the Rebellion, and to counteract, as far as practicable, the efforts now being made by the enemies of the Government and the advocates of a disgraceful peace to circulate journals and documentation of a disloyal character."
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Civil War Union Documents >>
Item #94667Price: $295.00Add to Cart
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