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1746 Broadside Massachusetts Treasury Signed Wm. Foye
March 13, 1746-Dated, Province of Massachusetts-Bay, Partially-Printed Treasury Broadside Document Signed, "Wm Foye," as Treasurer, 1 page, measuring 12.25" x 7.75", Choice Very Fine.
This impressive, original Broadside Document is a tax warrent for Benjamin Warner of Brinfield (MA), and is Signed and Sealed by William Foye. It is very boldly printed, completed in brown ink and remains very fresh and clean with significant original press text embossing still retained within the period laid and watermarked paper. It is headed:

"PROVINCE OF THE MASSACHUSETTS-BAY. - WILLIAM FOYE, ESQ; - TREASURER AND RECEIVER GENERAL OF HIS MAJESTY'S SAID PROVINCE, - To The Sheriff of the County of Hampsh.(ire), or his Under-Sheriff or Deputy, Greeting." and reads, in part:

"By virtue of an Act ... Intitled [sic], An Act for apportioning and assessing a Tax of Twenty three Thousand seven hundred & thirty seven Pounds fourteen shillings & 2 d. last Emission as their Proportion of said Assesment [sic], and Twenty one pounds eleven shillings and nine pence ---- Part thereof was committed to Benjamin Warner " then Constable of said Town, with Warrant to collect the said sum...These are in His Majesty's name to will and require you, to levy by Distress and Sale of the Estate real and personal, of said Ben Warner (being a defective Constable)...if no Estate can be found...then you are to commit the said Warner unto the Goal of the County...until he hath paid and satisfied... Given under my hand and seal at Boston, this thirtieth Day of March, 1746... - (Signed) Wm. Foye." Docketing to verso is Signed by the Provincial Treasurer. - "Benj. Warner."

This rare historic Treasury Document directs the local Sheriff to retrieve the assessed Tax payment due to the King and the Province of Massachusetts-Bay, or to arrest the person and take him the the "Goal" which was their prison. The original paper seal is fully attached at the upper left. Other than some slight tone along the folds, this document is in remarkable condition, being boldly printed with significant amounts of original press text embossing remaining within the paper. It has nice eye appeal and is excellent for framing and display.

Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #93568Price: $1,800.00Add to Cart
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