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Horatio Seymour Political Content ALS "... political questions involved in the action of parties will grow in intent."
HORATIO SEYMOUR, Governor of New York; Democrat Candidate for President Who Ran Against U.S. Grant, 1868.
July 21, 1885-Dated, Autograph Letter Signed, "Horatio Seymour," no place, 2 pages, measuring 9" x 5.5" each, Very Fine. Partial minor fold separations, otherwise nicely written the year before his death. Seymour writes about Politics, in full:

"I hope you will not fail to come and see me this week. I write you a short note on Sunday afternoon, which I hear you did not get. Next week I may have to leave home. I am anxious to talk with you about your Book. No[t] one has been written or can be written which relates to issues of such moment or were made in the times about which you write. They will be described here after with more interest than they excited during the.... The public mind has been & still is excited about the result of the contest. As that fades away it will be seen and felt that the political questions involved in the action of parties will grow in interest. They concern the future as well as the past. I think they are stated in a way which will be clear and strong & at the same time be fair & just to all parties - Let me know when you will be here. I am alone now. Respectfully yours, -- (Signed) Horatio Seymour."
Horatio Seymour (1810-86), Democratic candidate for President against Grant 1868; former Governor of New York. As noted in the Dictionary of American Biography, "A man of dignity and integrity, he (Seymour) failed practically as a statesman, largely because of his gentlemanly scorn for extreme opinions." Perhaps the most reluctant candidate ever nominated for President, Seymour knew the Democratic standard-bearer would be attacked for opposing Grant, the great war hero. Refusing to be a candidate, Seymour was unanimously chosen on the twenty-second ballot and convinced to run.
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Item #89199Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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