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1791-1797 The European Magazine Lot of Four Issues Discussing: Voltaire, Bank of England & Dr. Priestly
1791-1797, The European Magazine, Lot of 4 Issues, Containing Engravings and Articles on The Bank of England, Voltaire, Dr. Priestly and others, Extremely Fine.
These four original 18th Century London based magazine issues contains the latest news of the times, including the French Revolution and many other topics, measuring 8" x 5", with wonderful reading.

1. August 1791, Contains an account of Dr. Priestly and 3 letters connecting him to the French Revolution, plus an engraved portrait. Also a political anecdote of Benjamin Franklin, and an article on Thomas Paine.

2. October 1793, contains a description of Niagara Falls, news on the French Revolution, and an account and engraving of Cardinal Richlieu's tomb in Paris.

3. May 1794, contains an account and engraving of Voltaire, plus accounts of the Castle San Angelo at Rome and the Aldobrandin Palace at Frescati, Italy.

4. April 1797, has an account and engraving of the new Bank of England building, an article on the scarcity of specie in England, and many other topics.

The contents are in excellent condition, still bound at the spine, with no covers. (4 items).
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Item #87330Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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