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Pay Order to Colonel Gillman New Hampshire State Treasurer
September 20, 1776, Revolutionary War, Manuscript Document, Pay Order to Colonel Nicholas Gillman, New Hampshire State Treasurer, Choice Very Fine.
This handwritten document, measuring 3" x 7.5," is dated at Exeter, and reads, in full (spelling errors retained):

Col. Nickols Gillmon treasurer for ye State of New Hampshire, Sir Please to Pay to Mr. John Dean what is due to me for my wages in Setting in Court and travel this Last Setting and you will oblige your humble servent (signed) Joseph Symond."

The Treasurer named in this document is Nicholas Gillman (1755-1814) who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and was also the State Treasurer. He was a Delegate to the Continental Congress from New Hampshire (1787-1789) and a member of the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and a signer of the Constitution. He also served as U.S. Representative from New Hampshire (1789-1797) and U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (1805-1814). This document is in very nice condition, lightly toned, and tipped to a larger piece of paper, which allows both sides to be seen (the back is blank). A fine Revolutionary War Pay Order.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #86511Price: $895.00Add to Cart
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