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"Apotheosis" Of George Washington After Samuel Moore
c. 1830 Print: Allegorical "Apotheosis" of Washington, Lithographed by H. Weishaupt after a Painting by Samuel Moore, and Stamped by J.M. Herman, Choice Extremely Fine.
This magnificent looking, uncolored lithographic print measures 23" x 17.75" plus caption and margins, and attached to a mat overleaf to 32" x 26." This large, imposing historic print is fashioned after a painting by Samuel Moore, in which a robed, bare-chested George Washington is lifted to the heavens by a circle of robed maidens (the "virtues") and an angel, while down below the clouds mourners gather around Washington's tomb. The mourners include "the Widow COLUMBIA"--standing at a throne with arms spread--and sixteen women representing the "ORPHAN STATES" (the number of states in the Union at the time of Washington's death). Below the printed image is a flowery 18-line caption, in part:

"When the FIRST in Council, the FIRST in the Field, and the FIRST in the hearts of his fellow Citizens, the FATHER of his Country, the ILLUSTRIOUS WASHINGTON, left this earthly mansion attended by those VIRTUES which were the inmates of his Soul in his terrestrial Pilgrimage and borne on the arms of FAITH and LOVE, he winged his flight to the footstool of boundless Mercy to join the Hallelujahs of the Trust and over Blessed IMMORTALS... A more peculiar ray of his GLORY brightens the widowed COLUMBIA, who looks up to him as the rock of her consolation, taking an eternal farewell of his mortal essence, but whose glory beams on her forever. Rays of Comfort illuminate the countenance and cheer the bosoms of the ORPHAN STATES, dissolving in sorrow at his TOMB, and lamenting the departure of their adored FRIEND, BENEFACTOR, and PROTECTOR."

A fabulous, enthralling image, evenly toned, with small edge splits repaired on the back, not affecting the imagery. Not listed in Hart.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Washington Related >>
Item #80777Price: $3,250.00Add to Cart
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