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The Josiah Masters Family Archive
1796-1892, Group of 5 Printed and Manuscript Documents from the Josiah Masters Family Archive, Very Good to Extremely Fine.
1. May 23, 1796 (Masonic Year 5796) Manuscript Certificate of Advancement of Josiah Masters to Royal Arch Mason in Solomon's Chapter #3 (Derby, CT), 16" x 13," signed by Jesse Beach, John Beers, Francis French, Jonathan Curzon, and Josiah Masters, with large embossed wax seal in upper left, and secret, coded message at the bottom. This document is in good shape, repaired with 2 kinds of tape.

2. November 2, 1802, Manuscript Letter Signed "Jno. Edwards," 2 pages plus integral address sheet, 12.5" x 8," to Josiah Masters, in Lansingburgh, NY, Very Fine. Written from Cooperstown, NY, this letter is a desperate plea from Edwards, who was in prison because of a debt owed to Masters, asking the latter to have him released from prison so that he may work to repay the debt. Edwards fell into this situation due to land speculation.

3. January 16, 1846, Partially Printed Document Signed, "Greene C. Bronson" as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, 14' x 16.75," admitting Edward N. Masters to the Bar of the Supreme Court, Extremely Fine. Printed by well known currency printers, Rawdon, Wright & Hatch of New York, this beautifully engraved certificate depicts 3 allegorical women seated in the center, with a modern courthouse in the background. The certificate is framed by drapery embellished at the top with a heraldic eagle, American shield and fasces. A handwritten and signed statement on the back by the clerk indicates that Masters appeared in court and took the oath. Three, small, deliberate cuts appear in the wreath in lower left where the seal should be. Aside from a few small fold separations and a little age toning in the upper left, this certificate is in excellent condition.

4. June 9, 1889, Partially Printed Document, Signed by John H. Condee, Myron L. VanWert, Theo. A. Ross, and Edward N. Masters, certifying that the latter had obtained the Scarlet Degree in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Schaghticoke, NY Lodge #526, About Extremely Fine. This beautiful and ornate certificate, measuring 11" x 8.5," was engraved by W. H. Dougal, and contains numerous Odd Fellow symbols in its frame, and a statement of the goals of the organization: "We command you to visit the sick, Relieve the distressed, Bury the dead, and Educate the orphan." Excellent condition with some folds and a few tone spots.

5. July 11, 1892, Partially Printed Document, with secretarial signature of President Benjamin Harrison, on Federal Land Office certificate certifying that Edward N. Masters had purchased 120 acres of Federal land in Colorado, 10" x 16," with large, red, embossed Federal Land Office seal, Extremely Fine.

All these documents are from the Josiah Masters Family Archive. (5 items).
The John Beers who signed the 1796 Masonic Certificate might have been the same J. Beers who was president and signed notes of the New Haven Bank in the 1790's. He was suceeded by Isaac Beers (1742-1813) who was president during 1798-1812. Theo. A. Ross, who was Grand Secretary of the IOOF, published a history of that organization in 1888.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Post-Revolutionary War to Civil War >>
Item #78036Price: $795.00Add to Cart
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