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Hand-Colored Engraving of the "H.M.S. Winchester"
1830, Hand-colored Engraving, "Plate of H.M.S. Winchester," by E. Duncan, London, Choice Near Mint.
This original Print is meticulously detailed and richly Hand-tinted showing the British Frigate, H.M.S. Winchester, based on the original painting of W. Higgins who is designated "Marine Painter to his Majesty". It remains in fabulous condition, being artistically detailed and beautifully tinted. This print was made originally dedicated by Captain C. J. Austin and the Officers of the ship. Size measures 16" X 20"' with excellent paper quality; no foxing or blemishes, and is nicely framed to an overall size of 21" x 28.5" within a gilt wooden frame and is ready for hanging on display. The overall quality speaks to the point that is was used as a Presentation Print by the Captain. Unusually fine detail clearly showing the Union Jack, cannons, rigging and sails. The steel blue and gray coloring bring the print to life so that it shows beautifully.

Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Prints >>
Item #78023Price: $975.00Add to Cart
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