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Rare "Ayer's Hair Vigor" Lithographic Advertising Broadside Poster "Restores Gray Hair to its Natural Vitality and Color"
c. 1860s. Lithographic Advertising Broadside Poster. "AYER'S HAIR VIGOR FOR THE TOILET". Printed on period card stock. By J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, MA. Encased Postage Stamp Merchant Related, Choice Very Fine
This original, highly colorful Advertising Broadside Poster measures 12" x 15" and has some scattered small nail holes around the outer marginal edges from a prior framing or posting. This great advertisement features the portrait of a beautiful woman with massively flowing deep black hair that appears to be several feet long, pointing to an "AYER'S HAIR VIGOR" bottle. The legends read:

"AYER'S Hair Vigor, For the Toilet, Restores Gray Hair to its Natural Vitality and Color."

This bright, colorful and impressive Broadside Poster has just a bit of expected minor age and is overall excellent for display. It is a perfect item for any Encased Postage Stamp related collection. Very rare.
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Item #75247Price: $1,495.00Add to Cart
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