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Group of Portraits Including Robert Fulton & Robert Morris
c. 1800s, Lot of 5 Print Portraits of Prominent Americans of the 1700s and 1800s, Steel Engravings and 1 Lithograph, Very Fine to Extremely Fine.
With the exception of the DeWitt Clinton print, these engravings are printed on heavy paper, with blank backs, mostly measuring about 11" x 8" in size.

1. ROBERT MORRIS, steel engraving by Phillibrown, dated 1862, excellent condition.

2. ROBERT FULTON, unsigned steel engraving, published by Johnson, Wilson & Company, dated 1874, in excellent condition.

3. ALBERT GALLATIN, unsigned engraving by the same company, dated 1862, in nice condition, though with light age toning and a small damp stain in the margins.

4. Portraits of the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House of New York, JOHN JAY, STEPHEN VAN RENSSELAER and DIRCK TEN BROECK, lithograph reprint of the original engraving, printed by Richard H. Pease, choice condition, with 1 pinhole.

5. DEWITT CLINTON, an 1800's print with 2 small vignettes of the Erie Canal, trimmed to a coffin-shape and mounted on larger card. The print has some minor age spotting and is otherwise in nice condition. A fine group of prints which would look great framed and displayed. (5 prints).
Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Prints >>
Item #73059Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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