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Rare Woodblock Printing Plate of African American Sailor
c. 1860s era, Hand-Engraved Woodblock Illustration Printing Plate showing a Black African American Sailor leaning on a Bale of Cotton, Accompanied by its Sample Printed on paper, Choice Extremely Fine.
This original Hand-Engraved,Woodblock Printing Plate, measures a large 9.5" tall x 4.75" wide x 3/4" thick, depicting a Black man dressed in a sailor's uniform of trousers, black shoes, jacket, striped shirt and knotted tie, carrying a wide brimmed hat in one hand and a small book in the other, leaning against a large bale of cotton. Illustrations such as this one were used to depict both free and enslaved African Americans during the 19th century. This historical Black History related theme Woodblock is in choice condition, composed of several woodblocks fastened seamlessly together. Black ink highlights the engraved imagery together with its engraved recesses producing an attractive clear appearance. Accompanied by a printed impression of this illustration block on newsprint. Ex-Sotheby's Sale 7683, June 26, 2001. A rare image. (2 items)
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Black History >>
Item #72621Price: $1,295.00Add to Cart
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