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c. 1800 Large Historical Liverpool Creamware Pitcher "Apotheosis" of George Washington Transfers
c. 1800, Historical Liverpool Creamware Pitcher, "Apotheosis" of Washington, and "First in War First in Peace First in Fame First in Virtue," Choice Near Mint.
An immaculate, Liverpool Pitcher, Large Size 10.5" tall, 5.75" diameter base with two black transfer prints commemorating the death of George Washington. The main image, "APOTHEOSIS," depicts a robed George Washington rising upwards to heaven. He is seated on a cloud, with a light shining down upon him and angels tending to him. Below are two robed mourners who guard the base of his tomb. The legend reads, "SACRED to the Memory of WASHINGTON OB 14 DEC, A.D., 1799, AE 68". Cherub faces resting atop wings form an oval border around the scene. At the very bottom, a black banner with white letters reads "APOTHEOSIS," thus reinforcing Washington's historic status as a glorified and exalted figure. Similar to #W.39 page 206 of Armans, 1998 reference work, which suggests that the Herculaneum Pottery group produced this Pitcher. The print on the opposite side displays an obelisk with the famous historic legend reading, "First in War First in Peace First in Fame First in Virtue Born 1732 Died 1799". It depicts mourners at Washington's tomb: There is an angel, a uniformed soldier (presumably Lafayette) and a balding man in a dark suit. The outside of the print is ringed by the names of the 13 original states. Similar to #W.45, page 207 of Arman's. Under the spout is a "Seal of the United States". It shows a spread eagle with shield on it's breast with rays and stars over the head and a banner in it's mouth with the motto "E Pluribus Unum", Eagle has arrows and branch in it's talons. Similar to #S.9, page 161 of Arman's. Also under the spout are 3 ornate script initials "SSL". Exceptional in its size, presentation and "museum" quality for display.
Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Glass and Porcelain >>
Item #65864Price: $3,995.00Add to Cart
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