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1743 Province of New Hampshire Mortgage Loan For 25,000 in Borrowed "Bills of Credit... according to the Tenor of the said Acts" in Colonial Currency Payable Notes
December 1, 1743-Dated Colonial Era, Partially-Printed Document, Province of New Hampshire, Indented Paper Money Currency Issue Act Related Mortgage Loan Interest Document, Fine.
This historic original Document measures 12.5" x 15", and is dated December 1, 1743, printed on period laid paper, with an indented or "scalloped" top edge, as issued. The first 1743 Province of New Hampshire, Mortgage Backed "Currency" related Mortgage Loan Document, with its text directly text linking Interest payments to the said official Act to the King and Treasury of Britain we have encountered. We have previously offered a similar style example from Rhode Island, yet this is the first related to the historical use of Paper Money in Colonial New Hampshire.

This Document is very clear and readable, perhaps two or three words and various letters of text obscured along the worn vertical folds, yet overall appearing to be in good condition for display. Several separations at the folds reinforced on the reverse many decades ago using archival fiber tape. Besides the docket, which reads: "Isaac Libby's Mortgage - To The Trustees," including a significant written documented record beneath, indicating certain payments that were made. This interesting Document reads, in part:

"... Whereas in and by an Act of said Province, Entitled, 'An Act for emitting the Sum of twenty five thousand Pounds in Bills of Credit on this Province, e(qu)al to so much Proclamation Money, upon Loan, and for granting to His Majesty the Interest that shall arise thereby, for the purposes in the said Act mentioned'... Between Isaac Libbey, Sadler of Dover in the Province of New-Hampshire... And Theodore Atkinson... John Gage and Clement Jackson Esquire... are appointed Trustees, and enabled to take Security of the respective Borrowers of said Bills, according to the Tenor of the said Acts. That the said Isaac Libbey for... the Sum of Fifty Pounds in the said Bills of Credit to him in hand paid... hath Given, Granted, Bargained, Sold, Aliened, offered, Conveyed and Confirmed... All That tract of land Scituate in Dover aforesaid containing Thirty five Acres bounded Northerly by land of Samuel Varnes Easterly by land of Samuel Varnes and John Wentworth... also one other piece of land in Dover aforesaid Containing Ten acres and lyeth on the north east side of the Road that leads to Rochester...." (etc.).
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #61062Price: $1,500.00Add to Cart
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