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1799 Announcement of the Death of George Washington
December 21, 1799-Dated, Newspaper "THE SPECTATOR," New York, NY, Very Good.
This very rare original Newspaper has 4 pages and is complete, measuring 21.25" x 13" with the appearance of Fine. Lacking a small piece out of the upper left corner, affecting the masthead. The entire second and third pages are printed with a black mourning border because of the sad news of Washington's death: "On Saturday the 14th Instant, DIED SUDDENLY, At his seat in Virginia, Gen. George Washington..." With additional articles from the Alexandria, VA newspaper announcing his death on the 15th & 16th:

"This mournful event occurred on Saturday evening, about 11 o'clock. On the preceding night he was attacked with a violent inflammatory affection of the throat, which, in less than 24 hours, put a period to his life."

In addition to this fine and rare early announcement, there is a small article on William Henry Harrison being appointed as a delegate from the "Territory of the United States NW of the river Ohio" to the House of Representatives and a nice "Ranaway Slave" ad.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Washington Related >>
Item #57449Price: $1,295.00Add to Cart
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