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"No Party Now; But All For Our Country"
May 1863, Civil War, "NO PARTY NOW; BUT ALL FOR OUR COUNTRY," Published by The Loyal Publication Society, New York, Choice Very Fine.
No. 16 in a series by the Loyal Publication Society, 9" x 5.5", 8 pages (the last two pages have been clipped from the pamphlet, and two replacement pages have been photocopied from a complete edition.) Reflecting the views of Francis Lieber, this "address" was read at a meeting of the Loyal National League in New York. Separated cover, toned pages, moderate wear. A stirring address calling for unity against secessionism.

The Loyal Publication Society was a high-powered organization founded in New York City in early 1863 to distribute widely pamphlets "of unquestionable and unconditional loyalty" to the Union cause, in order to influence public opinion for the Union and the Republican Party. The "tracts" were placed in public places, distributed free at military hospitals and to the armed forces. Francis Lieber was the president of the organization and various authors sympathetic to the association provided texts. An interesting slice of public opinion peddling from the Civil War era.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Political >>
Item #53578Price: $350.00Add to Cart
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