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1747-Dated American Colonial Large Carved Powder Horn Ornately Hand-Inscribed with Decorations and Identified
1747-Dated Colonial Period, Decorative Engraved American Ornately "Folk Art" style Carved Powder Horn, Large 17.5" in length, Hand Inscribed: "NATHAN LVES HIS HORn 1747" plus other decorations, Very Fine.
This impressive authentic large-sized golden-brown Powder Horn measures about 17.5" in length, which is much longer than the typical Powder horn of this period. The side was Hand-carved inscribed: "NATHAN LVES HIS HORn 1747" which is easily readable, nicely within a wide decorative rectangular outer frame of scallop and dot decorations, together with several fish, a fox, a tent, and a short meandering vine device.

This powder horns base had two holes in the suspension lobe for leather, but pieces of that extended horn lobe have chipped off. The wood base cap plug is lacking, yet there are ten small original nail holes present in the end cap plug area, at the ready for a replacement if desired. The detail of the carving is clear and impressive. Its surfaces are nice and smooth showing actual proper wear and expected light scratches from use. The overall condition is pleasing and the visual appeal is superb for display.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #112767Price: $3,850.00Add to Cart
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