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The LAST Crime of "BLASPHEMY" CASE Prosecuting Thomas Baldwin of Meriden, Connecticut, Found Guilty !
March 24th, 1767-Dated Colonial Connecticut, Manuscript Document Signed, "Geo. Pitkin" as Clerk of Court, Hartford, (CT), this being THE LAST CASE of the CRIME OF BLASPHEMY in Connecticut, against Thomas Baldwin who found Guilty, ultimately received TEN LASHES, Very Fine.
This important historical content, original Handwritten Document has 2 pages (written front and back on one sheet), and is concerned with the cost of Prosecuting Thomas Baldwin of Meriden, who was found GUILTY of the Crime of "BLASPHEMY." Thomas Baldwin is regarded as the very LAST person to be so charged with "BLASPHEMY" in the Colony of Connecticut. By comparison, the last case of Blasphemy in neighboring Colony of Massachusetts Bay occurred in 1770, with the defendant actually escaping from that Colony. In the reference book titled, "Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884, Volume 1" it states that Thomas Baldwin "stood one hour in the pillory and received ten stripes on his naked body" after having been convicted of Blasphemy. This particular Official Document is written, "To Jos (Joseph) Talcott Esq'r Treasurer" (for Connecticut) and it reads in full:

"Sir please to pay Thomas Seymour Esq'r Kings Attorney for Hartford County the Sum of Seventeen Pounds Sixteen Shillings and four pence Lawful Money it being the whole amount of a bill of cost Taxed Against one Thomas Baldwin on his being Adjudged Guilty of the Crime of Blasphemy at the adj'd Sup'r Court held at Hartford on the Third Tuesday of Decemb'r Instant Dated at Hartford this 24th March 1767 " By Order of Court - (Signed) Geo (George) Pitkin Clerk. (with manuscript cancel)"

The reverse side of this historic Document is Signed by the King's Attorney, THOMAS SEYMOUR, who adds the following notation in his hand: "Rec'd the contents of Mr. Ashbel Stule Collector of the Colony Tax." There are also docket notations for Filing and Audit.

This important Connecticut Colonial Document measures about 7" x 8" and is in nice overall condition with dark clear and easily readable writing upon British watermarked "G R" with Crown period laid paper and is fragile in a few places. Overall, this unique Document is complete and ready for display being bold in its presentation.
Thomas Baldwin is regarded as the LAST person to be charged with BLASPHEMY in the Colony of Connecticut. The last case of blasphemy in neighboring Massachusetts occurred in 1770, with the defendant escaping from the colony.

George Pitkin (1709"1806) was appointed a Colonel in 1775 during the Revolutionary War in command of the 4th Connecticut Regiment that marched to Boston following the Battle of Lexington and Concord. He also served as a clerk of both the Superior and Supreme Courts of Connecticut prior to the war.

Thomas Seymour (1735 " 1829) was very prominent in Connecticut's political affairs and was named a Lieutenant Colonel in 1774. He was also the first Mayor of Hartford, Connecticut.

Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #110352Price: $3,495.00Add to Cart
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