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1781 Francis Hopkinson, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War Autographed Document Lot Signed as Admiralty Court Judge Regarding American Ship Captured by the British and Subsequently Recaptured
FRANCIS HOPKINSON (1737-1791). Signer of the Declaration of Independence as a Delegate from New Jersey, Pennsylvania Admiralty Court Judge, Federal Judge, American Author, and he played a key role in the Design of both the First American Flag and the Design of the Great Seal of the United States.
October 16, 1781-Dated Revolutionary War Period, Autograph Document Signed, "Fras Hopkinson" as Admiralty Court of Pennsylvania Judge, measuring 6.75" x 3", 1 page, no place, Fine. This is a two Document Lot is regarding the fate of the Ship "York" formerly called the "Nancy", Richard Collins Harding Master, having been taken by John Ford Esqr. Captain and Commander of His Majesty's Ship of War the Unicorn, and legally condemned at a Court of Vice Admiralty held at New York (then held under British control) the 10th day of May 1779. That very same Ship being subsequently "Recaptured" by American Seamen on October 16, 1781. This Ship's American judgement consits of these (2) historic Naval judicial documents, one issued by each opposing side of the American Revolutionary War conflict in realtime, the Ship having been previously Captured by the British. This lot includes:

1. Autograph Document being on period laid paper in brown ink, written completely by Francis Hopkinson's own hand. This Evidentiary Statement was issued during Admiralty Court Judge Hopkinson's tenure in Pennsylvania, regarding the Ship "York".

2. A Second official British Document issued in New York City under British rule, stating and further documenting the Ship "Nancy", renamed the "York", being Capture from: "... some of His Majesty's Rebellious Subjects in North America...". Here, American Admiralty Court Judge Francis Hopkinson's written Statement reads, in full:

"Gideon Gardner Prize Master on Board the Brig York being duly sworn deposeth & states that this was only Paper (the accompanying British document) found on Board the said Brig at the time of her Capture by the their American Seamen - Oct. 16, 1781 -- Before -- (Signed) Fras Hopkinson".

This American Revolutionary War Naval Warfare related lot Includes an original Second Partially-Printed Manuscript British Controlled New York City issued Naval Registry Document, with Docket reading: "Brig York's Register Mr. Gardner". This Document detailing that this Ship "York" was previously Captured by the British on May 10, 1779, from "some of His Majesty's Rebellious Subjects in North America". It measures about 13" x 8.25", 1 Partially-Printed page on two attached sheets, some fold edge splitting, well printed and engrossed on laid period paper. The central text of the ship "York's" official, British controlled, New York City, Ship's Registry information reading:

"Carlile Pollock of the City of New York, Merchant --- maketh the Oath that the Ship York of New York whereof Charles Grant is the present Master, being a square sterned Brigantine of One Hundred and fifty Tons, or thereabouts was a Prize formerly called the Nancy, Richard Collins Harding Master taken by John Ford Esqr. Captain and Commander of His Majesty's Ship of War the Unicorn, and legally condemned at a Court of Vice Admiralty held at New York the 10th day of May 1779, being at the time of seizure and capture thereof, belonging to the Inhabitants of some of His Majesty's Rebellious Subjects in North America, as appears by a Copy of her Condemnation date 10 May 1779... And that William Urgehart, and the Deponent Carlile Pollack, both of the City of New York, Copartners in Trade are at present Owners thereof; and that no Foreigner, directly or indirectly, hath any Share, or Part, or Interest therein, Dated at the Superintendent's Office, New York, the Seventeenth Day of January One Thousand seven hundred and Eighty one --- Sworn before me, --- (Signed) Andreas Elliot, Supt. (Superintendent) - (Signed) Carlile Pollack.

This Register demanded and granted agreeable to an Act passed in the twentieth Year of his Majesty's Reign."

(2 items) Pedigree: Ex: the Francis Hopkinson Family Archives
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Item #109247Price: $2,800.00Add to Cart
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