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1754 Colonial American REWARD Broadside Handwritten "Advertisement" for the Capture of an Escaped "Counterfeiter"
March 16, 1754-Dated French and Indian War Period, Manuscript Broadside, Autograph Document Signed, "Berh. Brown, Sheriff", headed: "ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS REWARD" headlined "Advertisement" for the Capture of a named Escaped Counterfeiter of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire Bills of Credit, King County (Newport, Rhode Island), Very Fine.
A most interesting historical Numismatic related content Autograph Document Signed, "Ber[ia]h Brown, Sheriff" on fine, laid period paper, 1 page, Kings County (Rhode Island), 9" x 8.25." Some minor edge chipping and minor splits and paper loss at fold edges. This rare Manuscript "Broadside" style Reward Document is a self-titled "Advertisement" with a large bold heading at top. It was written most probably as a submission to a local advertisement in a newspaper, or perhaps to be typeset and printed as a Broadside to alert the public. It appears two important things are going on here, both being related to "Jailbreaks" but with two, markedly different Rewards offered.

1. Henry Reynolds is the first Escaped Person addressed in this "Advertisement," who had been jailed, "...for counterfeiting the Bills of Credit of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire." Whoever was successful in apprehending Reynolds was in for a reward of 150 Pounds for his capture.

2. Daniel Button (aka James Atwood), is the second Escaped Person being an escaped convict named, who was known to hang out with the aforementioned Henry Reynolds. It is doubtful his crime was as serious as Counterfeiting, because the Reward for his capture was only 30 Pounds.

What is further very interesting is the way these men were described, in an era long before the invention of either Photography and the Internet. For example, Butten was described as, "... he plays with a leaf in his mouth in Immitation {sic} of a Flute." Accompanied by a full, typed transcript. This is a contemporary duplicate copy (they did not have Xerox machines), though slightly different version of another advertisement for the capture of the same individuals -- apparently, the ad was to appear in more than one newspaper. (2 items).
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #108707Price: $3,850.00Add to Cart
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