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1763-1765 "The Complete History of England" Bound Set
1763-1765 Colonial Period, Complete Set of 16 Volumes titled, "The Complete History of England" and "Continuation of The Complete History of England" by Tobias Smollet, Second Edition in Sixteen Volumes, Fine.
A nice early Complete Full Set of all 16 Volumes this important and celebrated historical work, bound in tan calf with ridged spines. Internally sound, with some expected minor tone and foxing. Includes numerous Engraved Plates of important English figures. Of particular importance to American collectors is the section relating to King George III, with some references to the American Colonies from the English perspective. Of course, this was all written with no knowledge of the momentous events of the American Revolution that followed just one decade later, but it is interesting to read an unfiltered contemporary account of the British nation. We have recently located another, later, 1804 edition with 19th century fancy rebinding comprised of only 13 volumes, published by Cadell & Davies, priced at over $2,500. This current set remains in its original binding and is complete with 16 volumes. A nice set of this celebrated History of England.
Tobias Smollett biography:

Tobias Smollett (b. 1721"d. 1771), novelist, historian, journalist, editor, compiler, and translator, involve thousands of printed pages and span many varied literary endeavors. Born in Dunbartonshire, Scotland, into the younger branch of a prominent local family, the orphaned Smollett attended the local grammar school and was subsequently a surgeon's apprentice. He moved to London, his home for most of his life, in 1739.

As a wartime naval surgeon (1740"1742), Smollett was in the West Indies at the time of the disastrous English attack on the Spanish possession of Cartagena, an experience reflected in one of the most memorable episodes of his quasi-picaresque and very popular first novel, The Adventures of Roderick Random (1748). Other early novels include The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle (1751), The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom (1753), and the quixotic imitation, The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, published serially (1760"1761). The unprecedented commercial success of his four-volume Complete History of England (1757"1758) and its five-volume Continuation (1760"1765) earned Smollett financial independence.

As a journalist and editor, Smollett played a significant role in an expanding print culture. The Critical Review, which he cofounded and edited between 1756 and 1763, helped to develop and guide polite interest in the arts. However, as the editor of the partisan, pro-government paper, The Briton (1762"1763), Smollett also had a direct and bruising experience at the extremely sharp end of mid-18th-century political writing. This latter experience later informed the anonymously published scatological political satire, The History and Adventures of an Atom (1769). Strenuous literary labor, political battles, and personal tragedy in the death of his fifteen-year-old daughter exhausted Smollett. In 1763 his poor health caused him to leave England for the Continent. He lived in the south of France for two years, publishing his Travels through France and Italy in 1766.

Smollett's final novel, The Expedition of Humphry Clinker (1771), concerns a family group traveling through England and Scotland; an epistolary novel, it is famed for its development of multiple viewpoints. Markedly physical and topical, sometimes violent and cruel, Smollett's novels are distinguished by their highly varied settings and by protagonists who are always on the move, often through very harsh fictional worlds. Although they differ considerably from each other, the novels combine considerably to extend the range of mid-18th-century fiction in English.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #108572Price: $2,950.00Add to Cart
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