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Exceedingly Rare Pair of Revolutionary War Period French Flintlock Swivel Cannons Museum Exhibit Display Quality
c. 1770's Revolutionary War Period, Remarkable Pair of Extremely Rare French Naval Bronze or Brass Flintlock Swivel Cannons (Espingole) or "Blunderbuss," with Custom Wooden Mount, Museum Exhibit Display quality, Both Fine.
A remarkable find of an Authentic Original Pair of American Revolutionary War Period French Flintlock Swivel Cannons in an early "Blunderbuss" design. See Reference: "BOARDERS AWAY II - Firearms of the Age of Fighting Sail" by William Gilkerson, c. 1993, pages 98-119. To our best knowledge, this is the Only (PAIR) of French Naval Flintlock Swivel Cannons (Espingoles) we know of available to collectors, outside of a Museum collection. There is one example known in the "Musee de la Marine" at Toulon. Most certainly this is the only Pair currently available and offered for sale anywhere in the world.

Each Cannon has a 22.25", 1.25" (4 straight cylindrical bore) Octagon to Round Bronze/Brass cannon barrel. Locks are marked: "M Rle Tulle" and the other with remnants of "Charleville" (French Arsenals) and the lock plates measure 7.75". Each with heavy Brass furniture; 'G' apparently for "Gillet" (being his inspector's mark). Both Swivel Cannon remain in their original period Flintlock configurations.

Cannon #1 - 39" overall length. The Stock has an old age stress crack underneath the rear of lock plate, otherwise solid, with normal minor scratches and dings from years of actual use in Naval service. This major weapon has had at least three other post and yokes judging from the marks they left behind on the stock. The front ram rod entry pipe is missing. Post and yoke is a replacement. The hammer is an English period replacement. Overall, a very nice Flintlock Swivel Cannon in untouched original working condition. In good mechanical working order.

Cannon #2 - This Cannon measuring 39.5" in overall length. The Brass barrel exhibits numerous surface impact marks from knocking against something solid long ago. Stock is solid with visible wood worm holes and areas of wood worm losses (especially just above the rear lock plate screw and at the muzzle), expected scratches and dings from years of actual military service. It retains the original post and yoke (the bolt is a replacement). The brass tip wood ram rod is a replacement. In good mechanical working order. (2 Cannon)

The custom wood display block has recently been made for displaying these guns mounted. (3 items).
Table of Contents >> Weapons >> Guns >>
Item #108543Price: $48,500.00Add to Cart
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