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Setting the Boundary Between Two Historic Towns in 1671 Woburn (MASS) and Andover (MASS) Boundary Agreement
May 23, 1671-Dated, Historic Early Colonial America Manuscript Document, Woburn (MA) and Andover (MA), "Final" Boundry Agreement, "This Shall be the final Agreement between these Towns of All differences and Shall So remain for Ever Witness our hands...," Very Fine.
Important original Manuscript Document Signed, "Mitchell Sewall, Clerk" (of Court), measuring about 8" x 12.75", 1 page, Very Fine. A legal Document finalizing the Town Boundaries between Woburn and Andover (MA) having some expected light tone, the top quarter partially separated and reinforced using archival tape along the blank reverse fold. Reverse side Docket reads: "Agreement Copy".

This being a noted as a "true Copy" likely made circa 1760 about the time of the French and Indian War era being the "final agreement about the bounds Dividing between the Colonial towns of Woburn and Andover (Massachusetts). This important and historic period true Copy Document is from a time long before invention of modern surveying equipment to allow for exact measurement and marker placing. Instead, surveyors used local landmarks, many of which never lasted the test of time. For example, the boundary in this case consisted of, "... the dividing line shall begin at a White Oak at or near Sutton Meadow being marked with a great 'A': from there it is to run along by the south side of Joseph Ballards Meadow to a Beaver Damm upon the Meadow & from thence to a Pine Tree on the Southeast side of Ensign Chandlers Meadow from thence by that meadow to leave it to Andover Crossing...". Signed at lower right by, "John Carter / William Johnson / Josiah (?) / John Osgood / Thomas Chandler / John Lovejoy". Noted at lower left: "A true copy taken out of Woburn Book of Records by John Fowle Town Clerk. - A true Copy exam by (Signed) Mitchell Sewall Clerk."
Mitchell Sewall of Salem, Massachusetts, was the Clerk of Courts, who inherited and occupied the Sewall Mansion at the corner of Essex and Sewall Streets from Samuel Sewall.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #108502Price: $5,500.00Add to Cart
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