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Abraham Lincoln Steel Plate Engraving by Henry Gugler c. 1869 At Its Time the Largest "LINCOLN" Engraving Made!
c. 1869 Mammoth Size Steel Plate Engraving titled, "LINCOLN" of President Abraham Lincoln, measuring 23" x 29.5", engraved by Henry Gugler (taking two years of his labor), (printed by William Pate & Company, New York), Choice Very Fine.
This important Mammoth Size Print was at its time the largest Steel Plate Engraving of Abraham Lincoln yet produced. Measuring 23" x 29.5", c. 1869 as printed in partially readable text below, it has a sharp impression with full margins and excellent detail, some paper thin loss noted to extreme outer margin edges when removed from a prior framing which will not be seen once reframed for display. Image is laid down onto a larger heavy paper mat measuring 24.25" x 33" from prior display. This is a powerful image of Lincoln carried out by a master engraver who eventually opened his own printing business; first in New Jersey and later in Milwaukee. Title reads: "LINCOLN" located below the large central portrait image in decorative oval surround. Shortly after Lincoln's assassination, many artists sought to commemorate the fallen President in paintings, statues, and other forms of portraiture. John H. Littlefield, a Presidential Campaign worker for Abe Lincoln during the election of 1860, commissioned Henry Gugler, a well respected Vignette Engraver for the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing, to create this engraving from which commemorative prints could be sold. After two years of Gugler's labor, he created the largest engraving of our Sixteenth President yet produced. The image was engraved on the two-by-three foot steel plate from which the prints were made. It captures the distinguished look of one of our nation's most cherished leaders. Still, one of the largest, most impressive and the most desirable of Abraham Lincoln engraved line portraits ever produced on steel. The most recent example offered for sale we have located was sold in a midwest public auction in August 2019 selling at $2,000. A great example for display due to its bold appearance and mammoth size ready for framing.
From Find A Grave:

"Johann Heinrich 'Henry' Gugler was born September 27th 1816 in Untertuerkheim, Wuerttemberg, Germany. At the age of fifteen he began an apprenticeship in the arts, specializing in metal engraving; he would become one of the top metal engravers in Germany.

Henry Gugler immigrated to the United States in 1853 with his wife and six-year-old son Julius at the invitation of a fellow engraver who had earlier settled in this country. Gugler had studied art and had twenty-two years experience in metal engraving in Germany where he prepared book illustrations, zoological studies and city views. He found work with a New York firm specializing in bank note engraving.

By the early 1860s he began working at the National Note Bureau, later the Federal agency known as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. In 1863, the National Note Bureau of Engraving and Printing hired Henry as one of their first vignette engravers.

While working for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. he engraved the "The Pioneer" which appeared on the $5 and $20 United States bills. Henry Gugler's most famous engravings was his life size steel engraving of President Abraham Lincoln. This would be his most important work and was completed in 1869 after two years of work."
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Abraham Lincoln Related >>
Item #108003Price: $1,850.00Add to Cart
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