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April 13 (1861) Opening of Civil War Handbill Sheet Extra - Headlined Update: "News from the Seat of War !" Stating: "It is reported Fort Sumter is on fire."
Saturday, April 13, (1861)-Dated, 3 O'Clock P.M. (Indianapolis) Journal Extra, Printed Typeset Handbill Sheet, 1 page, measuring 4.5" x 12", Very Fine.
An extremely rare original Handbill Sheet with the latest, "News from the Seat of War!" Datelined story from Charleston (S.C.) reports that, "The cannonading is going on fiercely from all points from the vessels outside, and all along the coast. It is reported Fort Sumter is on fire." The First Battle of Fort Sumter marked the beginning of the American Civil War when the Confederate artillery bombarded the Charleston, South Carolina Union fort and, within days, forced a surrender. The Battle of Fort Sumter (April 12"14, 1861) was the bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumter, near Charleston, South Carolina, that started the American Civil War. Following declarations of Secession by seven Southern states, South Carolina demanded that the US Army abandon its facilities in Charleston Harbor. This present insert covers the battle at about its midway point on April 13th, while it was raging. The year and city are noted in light pencil at the top. Some creases and light wear, having a tear near center left repaired on its blank verso with partial archivally silked for reinforcement, overall well printed and sharp in nice condition for display. Extremely rare and important for Civil War history specialists.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Civil War >>
Item #105147Price: $2,995.00Add to Cart
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