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1799 Official Northwest "Territory of the United States - West of the River Ohio..." Partially-Printed Document
BENJAMIN IVES GILMAN (1766-1833). Pioneer of the U.S. State of Ohio, he was a Shipbuilder on the Ohio River and an extensive landholder, a Delegate to the 1802 Ohio Constitutional Convention from Washington County that wrote a Constitution for the new State.of Ohio.
October 17, 1799-Dated Federal Period, Early Northwest Territory, Partially-Printed Legal Document Signed, "Benj. Ives Gilman" as Prothonotary (a chief clerk in some courts of law, he was Clerk of Courts for Washington County from 1795 to 1803.) Arrest Warrent, Choice Very Fine. This 1799 Document is 1 page, measuring 13" x 7.75", for Washington County. Being an Arrest Warrant for Sylvester Ward who owes George D. Avery $70. Document reads in part; "Territory of the United States - West of the River Ohio... We Command you that you take Sylvester Ward of Newton in the county of Washington yeoman, alias laboruer..." Original paper wax seal still attached. Folds, edge chipping, toning. The post-American Revolutionary War Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, more commonly known as the Northwest Territory encompassing most of the prewar territory of the Ohio Country, parts of Illinois Country, and parts of old French Canada below the Great Lakes was an organized incorporated territory of the United States spanning most or large parts of six eventual U.S. States. It existed legally from July 13, 1787, until March 1, 1803, when the southeastern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the state of Ohio, and the remainder was reorganized by additional legislative actions. Official Documents that are of the "Northwest Territory" and being Signed by Benjamin Ives Gilman are quite scarce.
Benjamin Ives Gilman returned to the East, and married Hannah Robbins of Plymouth, Massachusetts, at that place in February 1790, and they moved to Marietta. The couple had nine children born between 1790 and 1808, including Winthrop Sargent Gilman. Gilman opened a store in Fort Harmar in 1792, and was Clerk of Courts for Washington County from 1795 to 1803.

In 1802, Gilman was elected as a Federalist delegate to the convention to write a constitution for the new state of Ohio. He voted at the convention against slavery and for civil rights and suffrage of black people.

In 1801, Gilman began a shipbuilding business. His ships would sail down the Ohio River and Mississippi River, and thence to ports on the Atlantic Ocean. This business thrived until the Embargo Act of 1807 destroyed trade. Gilman also had extensive landholdings in Ohio. In 1810, he owned 22,128 acres (8,955 ha), sixth most in the state.
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Item #105056Price: $895.00Add to Cart
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