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c1860 "Ellsworth Avengers" Manuscript Song
c. May 24th, 1860 (Post-Ellsworth's Death) Civil War Period, 3 page Handwritten Song titled: "Ellsworth Avengers," Choice Very Fine.
A very famous and historical Handwritten Song in pencil, about the Famous Union "Ellsworth Avengers" of the Civil War, measuring about 5" x 8", 3 pages, no place or date, nicely written in pencil on clean white wove period paper. This period contemporary copy of that patriotic Song reads, in full;

"Ellsworth Avengers ---

Down where the patriots army near Potomac's side Guards the glorious cause of freedom Gallent Ellsworth died. Brave was the noble chieftain At his country's call Hastened to the field of battle And was first to fall. Chorus. Strike freemen for the union Sheathe your swords no more While in arms remains a traitor on Columbia's shore. 2d.t. Entering at the traitor's city With his soldiers true Leading up the Zouave columns Fixed became his view. See that rebel flag is floating O'er that building tall Spoke he while his dark eyes glistened Boys that flag must fall. 3d. t. Quickly from its proud position That base flag was torn Trampled with the feet of freemen Circling Ellsworth's form. See him bear it down the landing Pass the traitor's door. Hear him groan oh God they've shot him Ellsworth is no more. Chorus 4th. t. First to fall thou youthful martyr Hapless was thy fate Hasten we as thy avengers From thy native state. Speed we on from town & city Not for wealth or fame But because we love the Union And our Ellsworth name. Chorus 5th. t. Traitorous hands shall never sunder That for which you died Hear the oath that we now utter Thou our nation's pride By our hopes in you bright Heaven By the land we love By the God who reigns above us Will avenge thy blood. - Chorus."
The 44th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was a regiment of the Union Army during the American Civil War which was formed up in mid-1861, and mustered in on August 30, 1861. The regiment wore an americanized zouave uniform which consisted of a dark blue zouave jacket with red piping on the cuffs, dark blue trousers with a red stripe, a red zouave shirt, a dark blue forage cap, and a pair of leather gaiters. The jacket had buttons down the front of it which was not part of the original French Zouave uniform.

The regiment was first mustered by Stephen W. Stryker, a former lieutenant in the 11th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, in part to remember his former commander, Colonel Elmer Ellsworth in Alexandria, Virginia, the first officer to die in the war. The regiment became known as "Ellsworth's Avengers". Several other members of the regiments were members of Ellsworth's Chicago Zouave Cadets, including Colonel Freeman Conner, Major Edward B. Knox and Captain Lucius Larrabee, who commanded Company B and was killed at Gettysburg.

The regiment first saw action in the Peninsular Campaign and by October 1862, battle deaths and disease had left only 200 men of the regiment's original strength of 1,100 members. The 44th New York mustered out on October 11, 1864, with the veterans and recruits being transferred to the 140th and 146th New York Volunteers.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Civil War >>
Item #105009Price: $995.00Add to Cart
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