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Hand-Carved "Folk Art" Style Tribute Display "From Log Cabin to the Capitol" Depicting the Life of Abraham Lincoln
c. 1958 Unique Hand-Carved high-relief Original Artwork Wooden Display Depicting the Life of President Abraham Lincoln, Folk Art Style by 81 year old artist William A. McCauley, Housed in its Original Custom Transport Box for Display, Choice Extremely Fine.
A unique Artwork Display depicts the life of Abraham Lincoln. This entire Tribute Display was personally Hand-Carved by artist William A. McCauley, and is still housed in its custom handmade carrying case with leather handle and locks, showing as being well worn from being transported. The Display Hand-carving measures about 24.75" tall x 16" wide x 2.5" deep. Its custom wooden outer transport case measures about 27.5" x 17.25" x 5.5". This impressive display is Hand-carved in high-relief, said to have taken over two-years to complete in the period from 1956-1958.

This Artwork depicts the story of Abraham Lincoln from his birth in Kentucky, to his ascendancy to the office of United States President. Various imagery is presented, Books symbolize his early study by candle light, the rail, ax and wedges represent his occupation in his youth as a Railsplitter. A quill pen and ink bottles represent his years as a lawyer. The bust of Abraham Lincoln, and the carving of the U.S. Capitol Building, represent his time in Washington, DC. The inscription: "With malice toward none, with charity for all," is taken from Lincoln's Second inaugural address. At least nine different types of wood were used by the artisan to create this unique Hand-carved display.

In 1964-65, the artist McCauley added the carving of the "Statue of Freedom" atop the U.S. Capitol. An original Signed Letter by the artist is included with this lot. It speaks to the construction of the display. McCauley notes that, "The carving of the statue, and particularly the bird at the summit, proved to be laboriously delicate."

McCauley was 81 years old at the time of completion of this historical display. This unique display piece is perfect for any Lincoln or Civil War era collection. Also included with this lot is a Signed Letter from McCauley describing the carving and the material used, as well as a vintage photograph of the artist himself.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Abraham Lincoln Related >>
Item #104975Price: $3,950.00Add to Cart
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