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"July 1776" JAMES WILSON Pennsylvania Signer of the Declaration of Independence Legal Paper Endorsement
JAMES WILSON (1742-1798). Founding Father of the United States and Signer of the United States Declaration of Independence, represented Pennsylvania, elected Twice to the Continental Congress, major role in Drafting the United States Constitution, Legal theorist, One of the Six original U.S. Supreme Court Justices Appointed by President George Washington.
Dated on its reverse side Docket: "July Term 1776" Revolutionary War Period, Partially-Printed Legal Document, Writ Signed and boldly Endorsed (James) "Wilson", as attorney Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Choice Very Fine. This legal Document regards payments of debt and attorney fees from a legal case dated April 27, Endorsed on the blank reverse side at bottom, boldly and clearly Signed "Wilson" in deep brown ink on clean fine quality laid period paper, measuring 4" x 7" with "WITNESS, "John Armstrong, Esquire, at Carlisle". An Order listed as "No. 60" to Pay a Debt that is nice in its overall appearance having a historic, "July Term 1776" date with "Wilson" Pennsylvania Signer of the Declaration of Independence vivid Endorsement.
JAMES WILSON (1742-1798) was admitted to the Bar, 1767; Member of the Pennsylvania provincial meeting, appointed to a Committee of Correspondence, 1774; Elected to Provincial Congress, 1775; Commissioned Colonel of the Fourth Cumberland County Battalion, 1775; Elected to the Continental Congress, 1775-77, 1785-87; Director of the Bank of North America, 1781; Member of the Constitutional Convention, 1784; Associate Justice to the US. Supreme Court, 1789-1798. He Died:August 28, 1798.
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Item #104783Price: $1,950.00Add to Cart
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