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"... Mr. Clymer receiv'd his Veneson from Mr Bennet, the President and Cheif Justice allso, and return their thanks..." Great Content Period Letter of Appreciation
DANIEL CLYMER (1748-1810). American Revolutionary War Patriot and Officer, Signer of Continental Paper Money, Pennsylvania State Assemblyman, Cousin of Declaration of Independence Signer George Clymer, and a Signer for Continental Currency Notes.
c. 1786 Manuscript Document Signed, "Robert Hudson and D.(aniel) Clymer Esquire," 1 page, measuring about 4.75" x 8.5" having no date or place, being a special letter of appreciation and thanks, Choice Very Fine. As such, it is possible to include either George Washington as President of the United States in 1789, or Benjamin Franklin, as Acting President of the Pennsylvania Supreme Council circa late 1786. There is a communication is recorded within "THE PAPERS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON" section 11:596-97, between Daniel Clymer and George Washington. It is boldly penned and easily readable upon bright, clean period laid paper, lightly folded with some modest tone along the right margin. This Document reads (errors included), in full:

"Sir -- This day Mr. Clymer receiv'd his Venison from Mr Bennet, the President and Chief Justice allso (sic), and return their thanks to Mr Eales and yourself -- (Signed) Robert Hudson & D. Clymer Esquire"

Both Robert Hudson & D. Clymer were attorneys of the Pennsylvania Bar who earlier served together in the same military unit, thus most likely are thanking Benjamin Franklin and Thomas McKean, appointed Chief Justice of PA in 1777, elected 1784 and 1791. Thomas McKean (1734"1817) was an American lawyer and politician from New Castle, in New Castle County, Delaware and Philadelphia. During the American Revolution he was a delegate to the Continental Congress where he Signed the United States Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. McKean also served as a President of Congress. He was at various times a member of the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties. McKean served as President of Delaware, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, and Governor of Pennsylvania. This exceptional item was sold in our EAHA auction of April 2015 where it sold for $2,242, having great content.
Colonel Daniel Clymer was born in Philadelphia and raised by his uncle, General Roberdeau. He graduated Princeton in 1766 and practiced law at Reading, PA. At the start of the Revolutionary War, Clymer joined the Continental Army as a Private.

On May 1, 1775, became a Philadelphia Associator (The Associators were a defense force organized in 1747 by Benjamin Franklin to protect Philadelphia from possible attack by the Spanish during the War of the Spanish Succession. From that military organization the Pennsylvania Army National Guard traces its history to this day.), joining the 2nd Battalion of Philadelphia Militia. He was made 2nd Lt. in 1775 and the Continental Congress made him a Signer for Continental Currency Bills of Credit on July 25, 1775 for the issues of 5/10/75; 11/29/75; 2/17/76 and 5/9/76. He was made Lt. Col., commanding the Rifle Battalion of Philadelphia.

Clymer was Secretary to the Military Convention, held at Lancaster, Pennsylvania July 4th, 1776, to choose Brigadier-Generals for the Associated Battalions of Pennsylvania. He also held the position of Deputy Commissary-General of Prisoners in 1777, and later Commissioner of Claims of the Treasury. Served as a Member of the State Assembly for Berks County 1782 to 1784 and 1786 to 1787.
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Item #104368Price: $1,995.00Add to Cart
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