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c. 1875 Abraham Lincoln-Related Collection Photograph
LAWRENCE BARRETT (1838-1891). Famous American Stage Actor, in 1858 he was in the Repertory company at the Boston Museum, served in the American Civil War as Captain in Company B, 28th Massachusetts Infantry.
c. 1875 Handsome Albumen Photograph of Lawrence Barrett, famed Stage Actor who performed with Edwin Booth the brother of John Wilkes Booth. Photo was taken about 1875. Mounted. At top of mount, its stamped Geo. P. Hambrecht, who was a famous Lincoln collector. Photo itself is 3.5" x 5.5", measured on its mounted presentation sheet to an overall 8.5" x 11" and is ready for display. Scarce.
Lawrence Barrett (April 4, 1838 " March 20, 1891) was an American stage actor. In 1858 he was in the repertory company at the Boston Museum. He served in the American Civil War as captain in Company B of the 28th Massachusetts Infantry regiment. However, he did not see action in any major battles. From 1867 to 1870, with John McCullough, he managed the California theatre, San Francisco.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Abraham Lincoln Related >>
Item #104298Price: $295.00Add to Cart
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