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"This is a book we owed the memory of President John F Kennedy Best wishes always Dave Powers" Inscribed
(JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY) DAVID FRANCIS POWERS (1912-1998). Special Assistant and assistant Appointments Secretary to President of the United States John F. Kennedy.

1972-Dated, First Paperback Edition, Commemorative Book entitled, "Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye," Inscribed by J.F. Kennedy's David Powers, with Original Dust-Jacket, Choice Extremely Fine. "Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye," Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy by Kenneth P. O'Donnell and David F. Powers with Joe McCarthy, Published by "Little Brown and Company, Boston & Toronto", 1972. A FIRST PAPERBACK EDITION, in original green pictorial wrappers, measuring 7.75 x 5", 495 pages ,Dust jacket shows minor wear/loss, creases in spine, tight bound condition. (According to OCLC, this edition was re-issued by the same publishers in 1983.) This First Paperback Edition is Inscribed by Dave Powers upon the half-title: "To my friend Maury. For all your help with President Kennedy's Papers. Dave Powers". And on the title-page: "This is a book we owed the memory of President John F. Kennedy. Best wishes always. Dave Powers".

There is an invaluable "A Note about the Narrators" in the introduction, written by Joe McCarthy. "Kenneth P. O'Donnell and David F. Powers had a closer personal relationship with President John F. Kennedy during his years in the White House than any of the other members of his inner-circle of advisers and aides... Both O'Donnell and Powers managed to remain almost unknown to the reading public. They were always within the beckoning distance of the President around the office and always at his side when he traveled, but the stayed so anonymous that they were usually mistaken for a couple of Secret Service agents. Devoted to the President and sharing his intimates confidences, but keeping out of his limelight and cloaking themselves in closed-mouth reticence, they were dubbed by the White House press corps the "Kennedy's Irish Mafia". Both knew Kennedy and all of his family since Jack ran for Congress in Boson in 1946. They were among the first few men whom he named as special assistants when he was elected. O'Donnell's official title was Appointments Secretary. Pierre Salinger, JKF's press secretary called O'Donnell the most powerful member of the White House staff. Outside of Bobby Kennedy's had only one really close friend and that was Dave Powers. He was warm and genial and completely unpretentious, who had been a poor newspaper boy in Charlestown. He enjoyed an incredible memory of names, faces, and poll statistics. He simply was a guy Kennedy liked to have around him as much as possible. They swam together in the warm White House pool. Dave helped organize the Kennedy Library and became the first Curator of its Museum.

David Francis Powers was Special Assistant and assistant Appointments Secretary to President of the United States John F. Kennedy. Powers served as Museum Curator of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum from 1964 until his retirement in May 1994.
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Item #101130Price: $775.00Add to Cart
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