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1708 Native American Indian Boy Signed 15 Years Apprenticeship Document at Swanzey, Massachusetts
September 13, 1708-Dated Colonial Period, Manuscript Document Signed, the Indenture of "John Yecheen a Native American Indian Boy," Signed for 15-Years of Apprenticeship to Samuel Gardner, of Swanzey, Massachusetts, Very Good.
Very scarce Native American Indian "Apprenticeship" Document, measuring 7.5" x 12", folds, some irregular paper loss along the right side edges (chewed?) and trimmed at bottom right corner. Archival repairs along center fold, on back, else in overall very good condition for such a rare early Colonial item. This remarkable original document is dated 1708, Swanzey, Massachusetts, and records the legal Indenture of, in part:

"Jno. Yecheen, an Indian boy, hath with his own free will and consent, and with the desire of his mother and father, Job and Hester Yecheen, and doth put himself an apprentice to Sam'l Gardner..."

He agrees to this for a term of Fifteen years and eight months and twelve days (was there a significant reason for this odd term?), during which time he will obey and keep the secrets of said Samuel Gardner. He agrees not to play cards or dice, nor marry during the time of the contract, nor fornicate, nor visit taverns and ale houses, nor waste or spoil anything of his masters. In return, young Yecheen gets sufficient meat, drink, lodging and apparell and shall be taught to read and write. At the end of fifteen years, he gets two new sets of clothes from head to foot and 40 shillings in money. Signed at the bottom by Gardner and with the "marks" signed from each of the Native American Indian family of Yecheens, the red wax seals next to each of their names at the right margin edge have been trimmed off. Joseph Mason and William Anthony also sign on the front as witnesses. The blank reverse is noted and signed by Thomas Leonard and Joseph Church as having sworn as witness this document to be true. The first Indenture, specially for such a long period of 15 years, involving a Native American Indian Boy we have offered.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #100423Price: $3,450.00Add to Cart
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