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"Franklin D. Roosevelt" Signed Original Typed Annotated Draft Acceptance Speech for His Second Nomination to The Presidency, Presented Before the Democratic National Convention Held in Philadelphia

FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (1882-1945). Thirty-Second President of the United States who Instituted the historic "New Deal" Democratic social programs that would become his signature government reform, one promising that government policies would help Americans emerge from the economic depression, and who led the United States through most of World War II.

June 27, 1936-Dated , Historic Typescript Document, being his personally Notated Acceptance Speech and Signed, "Franklin D. Roosevelt" on the final page of this "ADDRESS OF PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT - Accepting the Democratic Nomination For President of the United States", at the Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This incredibly important original historic document consists of five legal-size pages that measure 14" x 8". Roosevelt signs on the last page in deep blue ink. His bold signature measures nearly 4" in length. The pages are stapled together at the top and some ancient Scotch tape was also used to secure the pages together. The paper is cream-colored and in excellent condition. Three horizontal folds allowed Roosevelt to fold this speech and fit it into his suitcoat pocket. As expected, the speech is rousing, with frequent references to an economic royalty that must be destroyed, flowery optimism, sincere gratitude to his supporters and followers, and the need to continue waging a war for the sake of democracy.

Roosevelt begins by stating, "We meet at a time of great moment to the future of the Nation. It is an occasion to be dedicated to the simple and sincere expression of an attitude toward problems, the determination of which will profoundly affect America."

In another paragraph, Roosevelt writes, "America will not forget these recent years -- will not forget that the rescue was not a mere party task -- it was the concern of all of us. In our strength we rose together, rallied our energies together, applied the old rules of common sense, and together survived."

In a deliberate nod to the historic and best known single line from his First Inauguration:

"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is ... fear itself."

Roosevelt states here, in his Second Acceptance Speech, this critical line recounting his famous first statement:

"In those days we feared fear. That was why we fought fear. And today, my friends, we have won against the most dangerous of our foes -- we have conquered fear."

Roosevelt pinned the future on three ideals: Faith, Hope, and Charity, as he states:

"Faith -- in the soundness of democracy in the midst of dictatorships. Hope - renewed because we know so well the progress we have made. Charity -- in the true spirit of that grand old word. For charity literally translated from the original means love, the love that understands, that does not merely share the wealth of the giver, but in true sympathy and wisdom helps men to help themselves... In the place of the palace of privilege we seek to build a temple of faith and hope and charity."

Finally, Franklin Roosevelt, in bold, typed letters writes:


There are a number of notations written in blue pencil by FDR's hand scattered throughout this Typed Document as either punctuation, pauses, minor corrections, removal of a word or two, or, in one case, the deletion of an entire sentence.

We are extremely pleased and honored to offer this incredible, museum-quality FDR document.

Provenance: This lot was sold by Christie's on November 15, 2005 as Lot 200 for $9,600.
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