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1780 Benjamin Edes Signed Extremely Rare Revolutionary War “Boston” Town - Treasury Interest Bearing Tax Loan Certificate: “for the Purpose of carrying on the War.” Signed by “David Jeffries” Deacon of Old South Church as Town Treasurer - Unknown Fiscal Form, Not Listed in Anderson

BENJAMIN EDES (1732-1803). Benjamin Edes instigated and paid for the Boston Tea Party - and, to his death, guarded the secret list of all who participated, a.k.a. “FATHER OF THE BOSTON TEA PARTY”; A FOUNDING MEMBER “THE SONS OF LIBERTY”; Bookseller, Printer, Publisher, Journalist, and Patriot; maintained the most radical of Boston newspapers in the period leading up to the American Revolution; a Founding Member of the “Loyall Nine” -- the group that eventually became “The Sons of Liberty”.

DAVID JEFFRIES (1714-1784). Deacon of Old South Church and Town Treasurer of Boston during the Revolutionary War.

Sons of Liberty Member’s Secret Letter of Correspondence William Palfrey has Informed Joseph Palmer that a British Tea Ship has Docked at Philadelphia and has been Allowed Only Six Hours to Leave with its Cargo of Tea in 1770

JOSEPH PALMER (1716-1788). British born American Patriot; Member of the Sons of Liberty in Boston; Palmer was also a skilled writer and used his talents to communicate with other members of the Sons of Liberty and to promote the cause of American independence; he is remembered today as a hero of the American Revolution.

(WILLIAM PALFREY)(1741-1780). (Mentioned, Not Signed.) William Palfrey often served as the “Scriber” a communicator for the “Sons of Liberty” in Boston, and he maintained a correspondence with the radical John Wilkes on behalf of the group; on July 16, 1775, William Palfrey was appointed an Aide-de-Camp to Major General Charles Lee; on February 10, 1776, appointed Aide-de-Camp to the Commander-in-Chief General George Washington; Selected as Paymaster General, the Chief Financial Officer of the Continental Army on April 27, 1776; elected Consul to France on December 9, 1780, embarked and Sailed for France but his ship was never heard from again, all aboard presumed lost at sea.

Japanese Major General HIDECKI TOJO who served as Prime Minister of Japan & BARON HIRANUMA KIICHIRO Senior Advisor to Emperor Hirohito & MAMORU SHIGEMITSU Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs & SHIGETARO SHIMADA Japanese Admiral who Approved the Plans for the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Signed Japanese Flag by Four top World War II Japanese Officials

HIDECKI TOJO (1884-1948). Japanese Major General of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), and convicted war criminal who served as Prime Minister of Japan and President of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association for most of World War II. BARON HIRANUMA KIICHIRO (1867-1952). Senior Advisor to Emperor Hirohito during World War II. MAMORU SHIGEMITSU, (1881-1957). Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs at the end of World War II, One of the Signers of the Instrument of Surrender September 2, 1945. SHIGETARO SHIMADA (1883-1976). Japanese Admiral, Approved the Plans for the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

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