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Revolutionary War Dutch Military Infantry Flintlock Musket

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c. 1770s Revolutionary War Period, Dutch Military Infantry Flintlock Musket, Very Fine.

A nice looking example of one of the Dutch Flintlock Muskets that were supplied and imported from Holland as support for the American Patriot Colonial Forces fighting the British. This Revolutionary War Period Dutch Military Infantry Flintlock Musket measures 55.25" in overall length and has a 39.5", .76 caliber round steel smooth-bore barrel, made with a bayonet lug on the top of the muzzle, and held to stock by 3 brass barrel bands with ram rod. It has all brass regulation pattern furniture includes an oval shaped wrist escutcheon with remnants of possible regimental markings. This Musket is in its original flintlock configuration. Its all steel surfaces exhibit minor salt and pepper pitting under a natural rich dark patina. The rounded lock replaced the earlier flat faced designs starting around 1771, and is stamped with the "KULENBURG" (Amsterdam's Culemborg Manufactory) mark, located just ahead of the cock. The stock has some period initials carved on the right side of the comb with the number "36" next to a stamp which appears to read: "R I" (possibly Rhode Island), with decorative High-relief Carving around the lock and barrel tang. Overall, the stock is solid with areas of minor scratches and dings from years of service yet very attractive as shown. See: BATTLE WEAPONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by George C. Neuman, 1998, page 113.