Auction Closing: August 21, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time
Lot Number: 183
Estimate Range: $2,800 - $3,400
1865 “The Latest Photograph of President Lincoln” Framed “Taken on the balcony at the White House, March 6, 1865.”

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March 6, 1865-Dated Civil War Era, Abraham Lincoln “From Life” Albumen Photograph in its smaller format mounted on a larger printed sheet titled, “The Latest Photograph of President Lincoln,” Housed in a period “Split Rail” Style Frame, Very Fine.

Historic Albumen Photograph of President Abraham Lincoln that measures about 6” x 7.5”, set on a larger 7.5” x 9” (by sight) printed card mount, and housed in 13.75” x 15” decorative, period “Split Rail” frame with its printed original mount with text that reads:

“H.F. Warren, Waltham, Mass. / The Latest Photograph of President Lincoln. / Taken on the balcony at the White House, March 6, 1865.”

This photograph was taken just Two Days after President Lincoln’s Second Inauguration, the same day photographer Warren took the well known photograph of Tad Lincoln on his Pony. It is said that Warren convinced Tad to speak with his father about sitting for Warren, which Lincoln reluctantly did. The image was published in three formats; Carte de Visite, Small format mounted albumen and Large format mounted albumen. This example is the Small format.

This is the version issued while President Abraham Lincoln was still alive. Some tiny scattered skips of tone and one deeper tone spot below the bust with all printed text sharp and clear. The photograph was later reissued in the days following Lincoln’s death with a revised title, “The Last Photograph...”. This dates the Photograph with certainty to having been made within a four week period. Housed in a wonderful decorative “Split Rail” Frame, and the image itself has excellent sharp contrast and detail. (Note: A major Midwest auction company just recently sold another similar example in a modern frame where it brought $4,000.) Excellent for display.