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1838 Political Content Letter Mentioning James Buchanan and Martin Van Buren “These are not the proper times for risking untried men..."

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September 29, 1838-Dated, Political Content Autograph Letter Signed, 2-page Letter Mentioning James Buchanan and Martin Van Buren, Very Fine.

Autograph Letter Signed, "James Clarke”, 2 pages, measuring 7-3/4" x 9-3/8", at Blairsville, Pennsylvania, addressed on its Integral Tranmittal Leaf to, "Mr. A. Boyd Hamilton, Washington City, D.C." With circular "Blairsville PA" postal cancellation. Paper loss from opening the wax seal and separations at folds on Integral address leaf. This Letter reads, in part:

“...The glorious tenth of September was the greatest day ever seen in Pittsburg - The West poured in between 3 & 4 thousand of her real genuine democratic sons - men with clean hands, pure hearts and bright countenances; all actuated with one soul, one mind, one impulse, and aiming at one end- and that end to preserve their liberties from the insidious approaches of corruption and the rescue of our state from thralldom.

The splendid display made by the great Convention when in procession, as well as their unexpected numbers, and orderly conduct for two days, struck terror and dismay into the modern Whigs and late anti-masons. It was cheering to the hearts of all patriots ... You mention a report that Samuel D. Ingham is spoken of in a certain quarter for United States Senator - that cannot happen, he is not dangerous.

The West will assuredly claim the honor of furnishing the man - in as much as the North has been represented for six years, and the East has the other senator. The splendid talents of Mr. Buchanan is an honor to our state. He should be given a colleague in whom he and Mr. Van Buren and the democratic party can depend. One who by long and faithful services has proven that he will not flinch ... one who can neither be deceived, cajoled, intimidated nor purchased. These are not the proper times for risking untried men...".

An influx of thousands of “politicos” into Pittsburg would surely have been noticed. However, a scan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for September 10-12 reveals nothing of note. Therefore, further research is warranted and recommended.