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September 10, 1770 BOSTON-GAZETTE Newspaper Referencing the Historic “Non-Importation Act” with PAUL REVERE’s Engraved Masthead

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September 10, 1770-Dated Newspaper, “BOSTON-GAZETTE And Country Journal” with a Masthead Engraved by PAUL REVERE, Referencing the Non-Importation Act, Monday, No. 805, Printed by Edes & Gill (Boston), measuring about 9.25" x 15.5"; 4 pages, Complete, Fine.

September 10, 1770-Dated, Colonial Era Post March 5, 1770 Boston Massacre, a complete historic issue of The Boston-Gazette And Country Journal, disbound having near total separation along its spine, fold edge splits, edge wear, some foxing, period ink notation of owner at upper left on the front page edge selvage. This Colonial era newspaper has a Masthead central woodblock vignette designed and engraved by Patriot Silversmith and “Sons of Liberty” founding member Paul Revere. It contains several short articles that relate to the Non-Importation Act period problems brewing between England and America.

Page 1 contains much contemporary news from England and Europe, including the death of 712 people in a deadly fireworks “confusion”; Page 2 has mostly local Boston and national American news, including:

"We hear the Students of the Senior Class of Harvard College, have engaged to take their Degrees the ensuing Commencement, in Cloth of our own manufacture. O patriotic Sons of Harvard !... and '... the whole Attention of the Town (Boston) will be employ'd to settle upon the surest Basis, the Non-Importation Agreement..."

(The Boston Non-Importation Agreement of August 1, 1768, was a formal collective decision made by Boston based merchants and traders not to import or export items to Britain. Ultimately, the Non-Importation Agreement led to the “Boston Tea Party” of December 16, 1773 which was instigated, promoted, and financed by the publisher of the Boston-Gazette, and “Sons of Liberty” founding member, Benjamin Edes ‘together with Sam Adams and Paul Revere’.)

Page 3 reports: "A List of the Names of those who Audaciously continue to counteract the UNITED SENTIMENT of the body of Merchants thro'out NORTH-AMERICA; by importing British Goods..."; Page 4 is filled with various period Boston area published ads. A rare content historic Boston pre-Revolutionary War content newspaper with its original Paul Revere engraved Masthead.
THE BOSTON GAZETTE, published weekly, was established in 1719 as a competitor to the BOSTON NEWS-LETTER and ran for nearly a century (1719-1798). From April 1756 to December 1793 it was published with the additional "AND COUNTRY JOURNAL."

During the American Revolutionary War, the GAZETTE was a leading publisher of material protesting British taxes and anti-British sentiment. Contributors included such notable personages as Samuel Adams, Phyllis Wheatley, and Paul Revere who also did the Engraving on its Masthead.

EDES & GILL: Bookseller, printer, publisher, journalist, and patriot, Benjamin Edes (1732-1803), in partnership with John Gill (1732-1785), maintained the most radical of Boston newspapers in the period leading up to the Revolution.

The Boston Gazette sparked and financed the Boston Tea Party and was influential during the American Revolutionary War. From 1755 to 1775 they published the Boston Gazette from their press "opposite to the Prison in Queen-Street." In addition to the newspaper, the pair printed religious tracts, annual sermons, scientific lectures, almanacs, and advertising broadsides.
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Estimate Range: $2,000 - $3,000
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