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First American Printing of a Revolutionary War Battle Map Titled: “A VIEW of the Present Seat of War, at and near New-York.” by Nathaniel Low, Printed by John Gill, Boston

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1777-Dated (Printed 1776) American Engraved Revolutionary War Printed Map titled, “A VIEW of the Present Seat of WAR, at and near NEW-YORK.” from the 1777 “An Astronomical Diary; Or Almanack.” by Nathaniel Low, as Printed by J. Gill, Boston, MA., Very Fine.

The woodcut Engraved 1777 Map titled, "A VIEW of the Present Seat of War, at and near New-York." by Nathaniel Low is a rare historical map that provides a visual representation of the military situation during the American Revolutionary War. This current Map has excellent overall eye appeal and print quality. It has some expert conservation for preservation and deacidification, with restoration to the top and bottom right edge corners and very small bit along the bottom edge selvage. Only a .5” printed portion of the outer border designs at the upper right corner are affected and beautifully restored. This Map focuses on the area around New York City, which was a strategic location and a major center of conflict during that time. The map was created during the early stages of the war when New York City was occupied by British forces.

It shows the various military fortifications, troop positions, and geographic features in the region. It was primarily designed to serve as a strategic resource for military commanders, providing them with an overview of the terrain and the disposition of forces. The map includes detailed depictions of the major waterways in the area, such as the Hudson River, East River, and Long Island Sound. These waterways played a crucial role in military movements and supply lines. The map also shows the various islands, peninsulas, and prominent landmarks that influenced the military operations. One notable feature of the map is the location depiction of the Battle of Brooklyn, also known as the Battle of Long Island, which took place in August 1776. This battle was a significant early engagement of the war and resulted in a British victory. The map shows the locations of the British and American forces during this battle and provides insight into the tactics employed by both sides.

Overall, Nathaniel Low's engraved 1777 map provides a valuable historical record of the military situation in and around New York City during the American Revolutionary War. It offers a glimpse into the geography, troop movements, and strategic considerations of the time. The rare American Almanack originally containing this map was printed in late 1776 and was issued for the year 1777. A lettered map “Key” is printed directly below the framed woodcut Map, and designates:

A - “General Washington’s Lines on New-York Island. (Continental Army positions on Manhattan.)

B - “Fort at Powles-Hook”.

C - “Bunker-Hill, near New York.”

D - “The Sound.”

E - “King’s Bridge.”

F - “Hell Gate.”

G - Fort Constitution.

H - Mount Washington.

I - Governors Island.”

An original and important historical first American Revolutionary War printed map that is attractive and is an excellent addition to any collection, which is ready to frame for display.

Lot Number: 264
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Estimate Range: $5,000 - $6,000
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