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1777 Massachusetts-Bay Revolutionary War Rare Broadside Announcing Pay and Bounty Money For Enlisting Soldiers and Specific to “The Financing of the American Revolution”

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January 1, 1777-Dated Revolutionary War Period, “State of Massachusetts-Bay” Printed Broadside, To Pay a 20 Enlistment Bounty Notes: “to Serve during the War, and as ‘Part of the Fifteen Battalions to be raised by this State, upon the Terms and Encouragement offered by the Continental Congress...” for enlisting Continental Army Soldiers, Fine.

Original Printed Broadside, headed: “State of Massachusetts-Bay. - In Council, January 1, 1777.” This important original Broadside establishes an Enlistment Bounty Payment of 20 Pounds to each soldier enlisting for Three Years in one of 15 Battalions to be raised, “in Addition to the Pay and Encouragement offered by the Continental Congress, and the additional Encouragement of Twenty Shillings a Month offered by this State”. This Broadside directly mentions the highly collected “BOUNTY NOTES” of Ten Pounds issued by Massachussets as listed in the Anderson reference book titled: “The Financing of the American Revolution" by William L. Anderson.

Much more specific information is provided throughout the text, including:

“The Said Bounty of Twenty Pounds to be paid in Treasurer’s Notes of Ten Pounds, payable to the Possessor in Four Years from the Sixth Day of December last, with Interest to be paid Annually, at the Rate of Six per Cent, provided Such Non-Commissioned Officer or private Soldier shall furnish himself with a good Fire Arm and Bayonet fixed thereto, a Cartouch Box and Knapsack.”

This extremely rare Revolutionary War Broadside measures 12” tall x 5.5” wide being worn from cirulation having some internal fold splits, soiling and tone primarily along the vertical centerfold affecting some text letters, and has a contemporary paper reinforcement near the centerfold area placed on the blank reverse side. Overall, the extensive historic printed text is easily readable and clear. Signed in Print at bottom by John Avery, as Deputy Secretary, and Samuel Freeman, as Speaker, in the House of Representatives and concurred January 2, 1777.
In the book "The Financing of the American Revolution" by William L. Anderson, he explores the various financial mechanisms and challenges faced by the American colonies during the Revolutionary War. It delves into topics such as taxation, borrowing, currency issuance, and other methods used to fund the war effort against British rule.

"The Financing of the American Revolution" provides valuable insights into the economic aspects of the Revolutionary War and its impact on the development of American financial institutions.

The main content of this Revolutionary War Broadside announces the pay and bounty offered to individuals who enlisted to serve in the Continental Army. In fact it does clearly specify the amount of money or other Bounty incentives available to recruits.

Overall, these Recruitment Broadsides played a crucial role in recruiting soldiers for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, as they provided essential information to potential recruits and helped mobilize support for the American cause against British rule.

Today, original copies such Broadsides as the one offered here, are highly sought by collectors and institutions as truly important valuable historical period artifacts. It outlines the terms and conditions of enlistment, including the duration of service, requirements for eligibility, and any benefits or rewards for service beyond the initial pay and bounty.
Lot Number: 126
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Estimate Range: $8,000 - $10,000
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