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Handwritten Poem Celebrating Admiral Perry’s 1813 Naval Victory Over The British During The Battle of Lake Erie

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(OLIVER HAZARD PERRY & Battle of Lake Erie). Handwritten American Manuscript Commemorative Poem Signed, “Ruggard”, Choice Very Fine

July 4, 1821-Dated, Impressive and unusual Handwritten American Manuscript Commemorative Poem Signed, “Ruggard” presented on a single piece of fine quality period laid paper, measuring 12.75” x 7.5” with an Integral Envelope, mailed to Cincinnati, Ohio, Choice Very Fine. This Patriotic American Poem for the theatrical play, “The Olio” according the the Cincinnati Library. This being presented in celebration of American Commander Perry’s famous naval victory over the British Fleet on Lake Erie September 10, 1813.

This great victory was the first time in history that an entire British Fleet was defeated in battle and captured, virtually intact. This entire page and a third long poem is written upon a single two sided sheet, which folds into a small addressed packet envelope. It was once sealed with red wax, addressed to the, “Editor of the Olio - Cincinnati, Ohio” apparently for publication or its use in Cincinnati. A great patriotic American poem in the style of the period. It is well written with dark brown pen inclusive of several corrections, as made, upon clean solid paper. It reads, in full:

(Headed) “For The Olio - Perry Victory on Lake Erie 10th Sept. 1813”

“Perry he comes behold his speading sails

Rides high in Ethan wafled by the gales

He speaks my son see Barclays fleet away night

Prepare to action Conquer or to die

The gardian genius of Lake Erie’s deep

Stood speechless wondering & he began to weep

Like some hovering seraph anchored in the air

To view with wonder the conflicting pair

Old Nepture trembled & his sea nymphs fled

All filled with wonder and with dread

And great Livathian that does guard the deep

Was roused astonished from his liquid sleep

The maremaid wondered & she wept aloud

To see the men mangled belcher rising to the vaporing cloud

And tenfold thunder bursting in the air

This roar of the cannon by the lightning glare

Like elements embattled whirl winds rend

To take the rock & all the mortars lend

To crush the forest fire alarms tare

The growth of nature waft it in the air

Tremenous roars like great riggards fall

The mind astonished by the senses all

See brave Columbia & John Bull engage

One fought with venom and one with rage

In dreadfull combat on a watery field

Each floating battery & service shield

Each fair broadside in high marctime Ire

Seemed blagering sheets & awfull streams of fire

Lake Erie trembled & fort Maldon gaged

The awfull thunder & the lightning blazed

Press on leocronnies (sic) hovering Justice cried

Justice O’Perry Justice on thy pride

The victory Gained by thy heroic powers

We met Great Brittain & were made them ours -

July 4th 1821 ----- (Signed) Ruggard”.
Lot Number: 111
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Estimate Range: $1,200 - $2,400
Early American
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